Digital Haze is a consultation and services company , specialized in cyber security and digital financial solutions.

Founded by a team of experienced professionals with over 25 years’ worth of technology and cyber experience in government, banking, and private sectors, 

We carry a dedicated network of cyber and financial specialists and partners across consulting, auditing, and technical services, with experience in integrating and managing complex solutions to digital financial services  and cyber security challenges. 

We truly focus on the nexus of human behavior and technologies to maximize effectiveness of our solutions,  leverage the security of our clients and drive their business intelligence 


Our solutions coupled with consultation and project management services, ensure efficient service delivery and life cycle support.

Our strategy is to tailor the solutions to our client’s needs and adapt to their limitations: timeframe, technical capacity, legal constraints, and budget.

Our portfolio serves as comprehensive technical operational capabilities that cover the three main pillars: Humans, Technologies, and Processes.



Core Values
Efficient Service Delivery
Knowledge Transfer
Life Cycle Support
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